Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Little things I love in Disneyland Paris 🏰💖

My parents and I just returned home from a trip to my brother and his girlfriend. We had a magnificent time together! As we live quite far away from each other, we had to drive over two hours by car to meet them. During that ride, many thoughts were running through my mind. For the last four years, every time we packed our suitcases, it was for a Disney trip. I'm not a big fan of long rides, actually I hate them most times, but somehow, I enjoy them when going to Disney. It feels different. I thought of all the little things I enjoy when it comes to my happy place.

Before entering the park

✨ The feeling when your trip countdown hits single digits. You've probably been waiting for your trip over hundreds of days and suddenly, it's less than 10 days until your big journey starts! It's similar to an Advent calendar to me.

✨ Outfit planning. As a Disneybounder, I love nothing more than planning Disney outfits. I usually start planning them six months before my trip, it's really a big deal for me. I love having the perfect outfit, feeling like a princess, being recognised by my favourite characters and getting compliments.
  ✨ Trip planning. What are you going to eat and which restaurants will you try? Which attractions are you going on? Which shows are you going to watch? Lots of important questions! It's so much fun to look through the park map, program and menus before your trip.

✨ How to start a trip better than packing your Disney things in a Disney suitcase?

✨ The ride. Rides to Disneyland are so much fun. My parents are as much into Disney as me and we love talking about Disney and what we're planning to do in the park. My parents listen to the radio because of the traffic info, while I listen to Disney songs on my ipod (it's not like I always listen to Disney songs anyway, haha). One song that is a MUST on every ride to Disneyland is "On my way" by Phil Collins!

I love the feeling when we cross the French border. The radio changes to French channels, the highway looks different and the route itself is beautiful. Every time we're approaching Disneyland, there are these old signs that have Mickey in his sorcerer outfit and the Disneyland logo as well as the "Direction Marne la Vallée" signs and all of us are all looking for them in excitement.

But the moment we realise that we are home? It's when, after many hours of a long ride, we enter the street that leads to the park and we can see the Disneyland Hotel. My heart is so full every time and tears start filling my eyes. We're there.

✨ Entering the Disney Village and feeling the whole Disney atmosphere for the first time. The first place we always visit is the Disney Village, where we go to World of Disney. We simply love the Village, it's where the magic begins!

After having entered the park

✨ The machine that says "Welcome" when you scan your ticket at the entrance of the park.

✨ Seeing the castle for the first time on your trip. Let's face the facts, Disneyland Paris has the most beautiful and iconic castle of all. Once we see it, we know that this place is where we're meant to be.

✨ Walking down Main Street USA, hearing the loop and smelling fresh popcorn and cotton candy.

✨ Walking through the arcades and enjoying the smell of fresh baked goods like waffles, cotton candy and admiring all the details the arcades have to offer.

✨ The details in general. I've read once that Disneyland Paris is the most detailed park of all. They have so many hidden secrets and to be honest, I think it's impossible for a normal visitor to find all of them! There is so much to see and to discover, everywhere.

✨ The pictures of Walt and his wife Lillian in "Lilly's Boutique".

✨ Every single store in the resort. No matter if it's Emporium, Harringtons, La Boutique du Château, La Chaumière des Sept Nains or Le Coffre du Capitaine, every store has it's own, unique and thought-out theming. I love shopping but shopping at Disneyland is a whole experience.

✨ All the good food. We all have our favourite park treats, don't we, ladies?

✨ "Mesdames et Messieurs, et vous les Enfants,.." I love the announcements, hearing all the different languages saying the same things is so pleasing! 

✨ Waiting for the parade, the nighttime show or any other show to start. I love the moment the music starts playing and you know something exciting is going to happen now. 

✨ The area music captures the spirit of every land perfectly and let you immerse into the magical atmosphere even more. I love them all and listen to them on a daily basis at home.

✨ Walking to your favourite attraction.

✨  The feeling when you hug your favourite character. Is there anything better than holding your favourite character in your arms? I don't think so.

✨ When a princess holds your hands during the whole meet. This is what heaven must feel like. I'm always the happiest little bean when a princess does this, like, it's such a small gesture but it means so much to me!

✨ When a princess calls you princess. ♥
When characters recognise your Disneybound and show you how much they love it. I always put so much effort and so many thoughts in my outfits that it makes my day when the characters like it. I love how excited they get!

✨ Getting compliments in general. I feel like people in Disney are so much nicer and more open. I got so many compliments for my outfits - from characters, cast members and even normal guests. It warms my heart when people stop me to tell me that they like what I wear!

✨ The ticking sound of It's a small world. 

✨ The smell of the water on Pirates of the Caribbean.

✨ The smell of the Disneyland Hotel.
✨ La Place de Remy in summer. It's so beautiful when the sky is blue and there are no clouds / when it's dark with no clouds and the buildings are floodlit. I also love the waiting area in Ratatouille.

✨ The French parts in all songs and shows. I was watching "Happily Ever After" and it felt so weird that there was no French in it. I need these parts, they give me life, haha.

✨ Unfortunately, they don't have Disney Dreams! in DLP anymore, but I will always keep the memories in my heart. I cried during the whole show, from the beginning until we left the park. Even though it's not there anymore, I want to mention the little things that meant so much to me and still do.

When the announcer says "Et maintenant, laissez-vous emporter dans le monde fantastique des rêves. And now, Disney Dreams!"

When "The second star to the right" started playing.

The "I see the light" scene. It's the scene that still makes me cry like there's no tomorrow. I always cry during the movie when it comes up but seeing it projected on the castle is what made me lose it.

When "You can fly" starts playing.

When "Come dream a dream with me" starts playing.

And in the end, when the announcer says "Merci d'avoir assisté à notre spectacle Disney Dreams!
Nous vous souhaitons une agréable fin de soirée et souvenez vous, que tout commence avec les rêves! Thank your for joining us for Disney Dreams. May you have a pleasant evening. And remember to always let your dreams carry you... away!".

I may add more points in the future when something comes to my mind. ♥

Quote of the Day: "Think of the happiest things, it's the same as having wings." -Peter Pan

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