Friday, 16 March 2018

What I'm looking forward to in 2018 ✨

It's already the 16th March 2018 and to be honest, there's almost nothing spectacular that happened since the start of the new year. It was filled with some ups and some downs already and the only thing worth mentioning is that I met one of my dearest and best friends, who is from Hong Kong. So, what are the things that I'm looking forward to this year? Actually, many awesome things will happen, including going on vacation, the release of some movies and TV shows and a whole new working experience!

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it on here, but I work in court and later this year, I'll have my first practical experience at the prosecuting attorney's office! Working for the judicial machinery was, next to working for Disney, my dream job and I'm really doing great. As a huge Law & Order enthusiast, working in court feels like I'm on my favourite TV show. The cases are really interesting and I like both, civil law and criminal law, equally. Surely, sometimes a shiver goes down my spine when I read and hear about the brutality and cruelty of some human beings, I'm a scaredy cat after all, but then, I'm glad to see that those people will be locked up in the pen for many years.

2018 will a year filled with many awesome movies and shows! One of my biggest highlights of the year will definitely be Mary Poppins Returns, which I've been waiting for ever since they announced the movie! The cast is awesome, I mean, Lin-Manuel Miranda, do I have to say more? The trailer seems to be promising and even though Julie Andrews will always be THE Mary Poppins for me, I'm excited to see how Emily Blunt will portray her! On other hands, I'm also looking forward for the merchandise, though I know that my wallet will suffer. There's almost no merchandise of Mary from this decade and I hope that they will also make some new merchandise for the 1964 movie (my hopes are high for a limited edition doll). Other Disney movies I'm looking forward to are The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, Ralph breaks the Internet and Christopher Robin.

For TV shows, I can't wait for the second season of Tangled: The series, The Handmaid's tale and the upcoming episodes of Steven Universe. I can't wait for all of these shows to continue and discover the secrets and adventures of the protagonists! I have so many questions when it comes to Tangled and I hope that the second season will answer some of them, for example - what's the secret of Rapunzel's hair? Who's that old lady with the sword that was capable of cutting the rocks? What's going to happen to Varian and his father? Will we get so see more of Arianna?

Last year, around October I think, I saw an advertisement of The Handmaid's tale on TV. The show was exclusive for Entertain TV from Telekom, which we don't have. So, I was searching for this show EVERYWHERE but couldn't find any legal stream. Every time I passed a Telekom store and saw the huge cardboard cutouts of Offred, I'd be cursing and swearing. However, time flew by fast and I couldn't be happier when I saw that the show was up on Amazon video! I didn't think twice and instantly bought the first episode. After making sure that the series is as awesome as I thought it would be, I pre-ordered the first season on DVD. Thanks to Amazon Prime, the long awaited disk was in my letter box yesterday and it's needless to say that I'm going to binge-watch it this weekend. I already saw the trailer for the second season and oh my, I can't wait.
While I wasn't able to watch the show, I read the book and I don't remember when was the last time I devoured a book like this. In every free minute, I'd take the book and read. I clearly recommend it, as it's a compulsory reading not only for feminists but for every woman.

So many things have happened in the last season of Steven Universe and I can't wait to get the answers I've been waiting for so long. Without going into further spoilers, I'm looking forward to April and to get to know more about the diamonds and their past. Oh, and, of course I really want to know who's singing "Escapism", my guess is on Lapis but as she's gone already, maybe it's actually a song from a diamond? Who knows! I'm prepared to be an emotional mess afterwards.

And last but not least - the OVA of Kase-san! As seen in my post about it, Kase-san is my favourite manga and I'm SO excited to see my queer ladies on the screen. Two days ago, a new trailer was released and it's looking so good and the voices are perfectly chosen! There's still hope that they might give us a whole anime instead, so let's cross fingers for that.

Of course, the BIGGEST highlight of the year will be my annual trip to Disneyland Paris in July. I'm already counting the days, I can't wait to be in my happy place. DLP means so much to me and I'm so grateful that I have the chance to go there for more than a week.
Last year, I got so many compliments from characters, cast members and guests for my outfits and I never felt more comfortable in my skin. I'm already planning my outfits for this summer and I'm really satisfied by far! I miiiight have grown an obsession with Secret Honey but that's no secret. Their Disney inspired dresses are the prettiest and even if they're expensive, totally worth the money. However, last summer I met my favourites Rapunzel and Mary Poppins four times and to be honest, I'm sure that this was the best trip of my whole life and that it's impossible to top it but as long as I meet Rapunzel and Mary at least once, I'll be the happiest little girl on this planet.

My parents and me are also going to visit my brother and his girlfriend for Easter. I haven't seen those two since Christmas and I really miss them. It's hard when your loved ones live far away from you and if the train tickets would be cheaper, I'd meet them more often for sure.

I'm also planning to meet one of my best friends in the Netherlands this year! It's a vicious circle. All of my best friends are scattered all across the world. Like seriously, that's so unfair. However, that's why I'm really grateful when I have the chance to meet them.

There are even more things that I'm looking forward to in 2018, especially merchandise-wise (I'm so sorry for my wallet, Disney and Love Live are killing it), but these are my main highlights. Still, 2018 has just begun and who knows what this year has in store for me. Of course I do have hopes for some things to happen, but we'll see!

Quote of the Day: "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney

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