Wednesday, 28 March 2018

〜μ'sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪〜

A few days ago, I looked at my School Idol Tomodachi profile and realized - I've been playing Love Live! School Idol Festival JP for over 1000 days now, 1018 to be precisely! I already had an EN/WW account before but my luck on it was terrible so I decided to give it up and focus on my main account.

I don't remember when exactly it was, but everything started with Kotori. I've seen a lot about Love Live! on Twitter and other social media platforms before but never thought of watching it as  I've never been into idols at all. One day, I've seen the prototype of Alter's Kotori in her wonderful Christmas costume and I was over the moon. I felt in love with this beauty from the very first second and decided to give the anime a try. My expectations were really low as I didn't expect much of an idol anime. Well, now I know better. Never would I have thought that an anime could mean so much to me as Love Live does. I've watched animes ever since I was a small child and of course, there were times I liked one specific anime very dearly (and I still like most of them) - Oreimo, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Paradise Kiss.. but for Love Live, it's completely different. I fell in love with the characters, the seiyuus, the anime, the game, the music, the concerts - everything. These girls became part of my daily life.

µ's is and will always be my favourite. I like Aqours, don't get me wrong, but my heart belongs to µ's. I love every single member of them. In the beginning of my Love Live! experience, I didn't like Nico and Maki that much but then I got to know them better, I've read their stories and got to know about their backgrounds, got to know their seiyuus and now I would protect them with all cost. All nine of them have a huge place in my heart, but the two girls that really stole my heart are Nozomi and Eli.

Everybody knows that Nozomi is my all time favourite. Kotori was the first character I knew, but once I saw my beautiful Nozomi, I was enchanted. She stole my heart in a second and remained my favourite character ever since. Love by first sight, you can say. She's caring (a typical mum friend), empathetic, wise, beautiful and cute, has a heart of gold, believes in spiritual things and always offers good advice. It's impossible to me to put into words how much I love her.

My second favourite is Eli, although "second" is such a bad word to describe it.. She's almost on the same level for me as my precious Nozomi. Eli might seem cold and strict from the outside but everyone who knows her and her story knows better. She's ambitious, only wants the best for the ones she loves, sometimes very clumsy, cute and cool at the same time, clever and perspicacious.

I admire all the girls for their dedication, will and strength. They're role models for me, every single one of them has a cross to bear and yet they never lose faith and will always keep fighting for what they think is right. Whenever I feel demotivated, they're showing me that with courage, faith and passion, everything is possible. I think the message of Love Live isn't too different from what Disney movies teach us.

The game is so much fun and I love playing it, even after all that time. The best part about it is scouting new cards, not gonna lie. I love saving up as many love gems as I can and doing big scouts. I think the highest amount I've ever saved was around 1500 gems and I spend them all on Nozomi's and Eli's birthdays. No regrets! I'm fortunate to say that I have good luck with µ's (not with Aqours, though) and that I've scouted over 25 URs since I started playing. I also sold some to idolize other URs but I'm proud to say that I scouted my favourite UR, Marine Nozomi, three times already and two of them in the normal box. I guess my waifu loves me too, hehe. I'm looking forward to my future scouts and also to the future of the game itself. I'm super excited for LLSIF! All Stars that is coming out later this year. Who doesn't want µ's and Aqours to meet, right? I have to admit, I'm scared LLSIF JP will disappear someday and that KLab will fully concentrate on their new game. Let's hope it will be possible to transfer cards from LLSIF JP to it because I really don't want to restart with everything. My other fear is storage. I can already see it - my free storage space will suffer and run out someday.

I simply love the anime. Personally, I think it's the most beautiful anime ever - the combination of art, characters and story is the perfect mix. I never watch animes where, in my personal taste, the art is bad, no matter how good the story is. For Love Live, the characters are simply beautiful and natural, the scenery is pastel, soft and yet detailed. The voices for the characters are chosen perfectly, none of them are even slightly the same and every voice has a recognition factor. Which leads me to the seiyuus. I NEVER cared for Japanese voice actors before Love Live. I just didn't care. Then, I found out about the concerts and watched videos of it on Youtube. Soon enough, I would watch the whole concerts and fall in love with the seiyuus. They made me love the characters even more because it's like a real person is behind the character and it was impossible for me to not love every single character and their corresponding voice actresses. The seiyuu who really stole my heart is Emistun. She's Honoka's seiyuu and the most adorable bean ever! Her enthusiasm, positivity and leadership is so inspiring and she has the voice of an angel.
My favourite concert was the last live and boy, did I cry. You couldn't help but notice how much effort all of them are putting in their performances and how hard they were working to make it happen. I lost it when they sung Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari, this was the most emotional moment and seeing them crying broke my heart. Thank you so much µ's, we will always keep you in our hearts. ♥

µ's is over and Aqours has it's time to shine now. I have nothing but respect for Aqours but unfortunately, they will never share the spot with µ's in my heart. There are three characters I really like - Mari, Kanan and You - but for the rest, I remain neutral or don't like them. I have a Yoshiko/Ruby curse on LLSIF and it's the worst. I'm sorry for everyone who loves them but I can't bare those two. I appreciate their seiyuus work but Yoshiko, Ruby and Chika annoy me. As for Riko, Dia and Hanamaru, I don't think that the two seasons did them justice. I can't say much about them as they barely did something. They were physically there but all they were good for, were jokes.

Who I really love in Aqours, is Mari. She's my ray of sunshine and I love her personality and appearance! She's goofy (the meme queen), caring, sensible, considers other people's feelings and would do everything for her friends (I think I don't have to mention how pretty she is). I ship her with Kanan for obvious reasons. Kanan is my second best girl, even though before the anime aired, I thought it would be the other way around. You has a special place in my heart because she's my best friend's best girl and I love seeing her enthusiasm when it comes to You.~


I owe Love Live so much more than pure joy. It brought some of the most wonderful people to my life who I call my best friends now and I love them with all my heart! I've liked anime figures and have been thinking of getting some before I even heard of Love Live. Still, I never got one since I was a poor student who couldn't afford it. When I saw the Kotori figure, I knew that I HAD to get her. I decided to get a MFC account and suddenly, I was writing with two cuties. Same goes for my LLSIF EN account - a true darling wrote me there because I scouted a card she liked. It all started with Love Live and now I can tell these girl everything.
Another thing I partly owe to Love Live is the realisation and acceptance that I'm gay, haha. I know that this sounds ridiculous but it's true. Being lesbian has never been a topic that has been discussed much in my environment, and if so, it was rather with a negative undertone. I went to a catholic girls school for 8 years, I think. Strangely enough, I didn't know a single lesbian (or at least nobody came out officially, which is understandable). I already realised that I might not be straight when I had my first boyfriend, which was when I was around 15. Years later, Love Live helped me to find out more about myself, especially Nozomi. It's no big secret that my precious angel is queer af. NozoEli is my #1 OTP and I will fight anyone who denies it, not kidding. Nozomi confessed to Eli during New Year, they gave each other chocolate for Valentine's Day, had a duet about a secret romance between two girls and they married. Plus, even Kotori and Umi ship them. If all of this is no evidence, I don't know what is. However - I've once read that your favourite ship says a lot about you and what you're looking for in a romantic relationship. In fact, I realised that the thing between Nozomi and Eli is exactly what I want. I won't go into detail what convinced me completely that I'm really and only into girls as that's too private to talk about on the Internet but Love Live was a big help.

Enough said for today! I think I could keep talking about Love Live all day long. I hope that the next 1000 days of Love Live will just be as wonderful as the ones that passed already. ♥

Quote of the Day:"As long as we've got determination, we ca do anything." -Honoka Kousaka

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