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#GiveElsaAGirlfriend ❄

If you're not living under a rock, you probably heard the big news already: In an interview with The Huffington Post, Jennifer Lee, the director of Frozen, said that she is isn't averse to the idea that Elsa could be a lesbian. ♥ As you might know, even Idina Menzel thinks that this is a wonderful idea. They're still discussing the topic and it's absolutely no promise that it will actually happen BUT it gives me hope and makes me happy that Disney is conscious of the movement.

There are so many reasons why Elsa should be a lesbian. Like really, to anyone who thinks she's straight - did you even watch the movie?

First of all, Let it go. This song is literally a coming-out anthem. I think most members of the LGBT community can connect to this song and it's message. Especially the part of the lyrics where she sings "Conceal don’t feel, don’t let them know. Well now they know! Let it go, let it go - can’t hold it back anymore" is exactly what many of us have been feeling at least once in our lives. Sure, Elsa's also singing of her ice powers too, but the one thing doesn't rule out the other.

Then, she clearly doesn't feel comfortable around men. She acts cold and suspicious towards them, as seen when she met Hans and Kristoff for the first time. Of course, she now gets along with Kristoff but to me, it still doesn't seem like they're best friends.

I could roll my eyes every time somebody says Elsa's story is about being a strong, independent, sophisticated and single, young woman. Because it's not. It's about accepting yourself with all your faults and even when people think you're a monster because of the way you are and the way you feel, you can still learn to love yourself and find happiness without putting a mask on to please society. It shows how much suffer hiding your real feelings can cause and that it's a long journey until you're able to love yourself the way you are.

Representation matters. I wish there had been a gay princess when I was a child because it would have spared me many self doubts and troubles. I didn't grow up in a homophobe environment. Actually, I never faced any discrimination towards me. But being gay was never a topic here. People simply didn't talk about it when I was a child and later, when they did, it's always been with a unpleasant undertone. I wish children nowadays wouldn't need to worry like I did. Gay children exist, that's a fact. And giving Elsa a girlfriend would change so much in their life. They'd see that loving other girls is normal and that it's nothing to be ashamed of.

I've been reading some of the #GiveElsaAGirlfriend tweets on Twitter and they pissed me off. Many of those people assumed that making Elsa gay would sexualize her. So, seeing two girls in love with each other is pervert and about getting laid? Meanwhile, we've been seeing hetero couples since 1937 in Disney movies kissing each other but a homosexual relationship is all about sex? Pull the stick out of your ass, Cheryl. Some people argue that they want Elsa to be asexual, which of course, needs representation too but we already have Merida and there is yet no openly lesbian girl in the Disney universe.

Also, many people are talking about "gay propaganda". What? Do the straights™ really believe that watching a movie with a gay character will automatically turn themselves and their children gay? Let me tell you, I've watched countless movies with hetero couples and it didn't turn me straight either. I need an explication why it's okay that Tiana kisses a frog, Belle falls in love with a beast and in the Bee movie, a woman leaves her husband for a bee but it's a taboo that a girl like girls like boys do.

I came across a post on Tumblr that sums up the main reason why they should make Elsa gay instead of making a whole new movie with a gay princess (of course I wish for a new movie with a queer princess but that doesn't change the importance of Elsa being lesbian):

"Some people don’t like #Give Elsa A Girlfriend because they don’t want them “changing” such a beloved character. The solution they suggest? Make a whole new character gay instead.

But here’s the thing. In real life, you may be friends with someone. Really, really close friends. And you might think they’re “normal” and straight until one day they tell you they’re not. They’re still the same person; you’ve just learned something new about them. They haven’t changed. They’ve always been this way. The only difference is now you know.

I don’t want a new Disney character to be gay (addendum: yes, I’d LOVE more representation, but I digress). If Disney just made a new character gay, that would make it easier for everyone to hate them for their orientation right off the bat. Haters could just not watch the movie because of it’s contents, and hurt the movie’s rating/reviews/response. The character wouldn’t be as popular or well known.

I want Elsa to have a girlfriend because people have had a chance to know her, to appreciate her character. People already know Elsa. They’ve already watched Frozen and love her. Letting her be gay would be great representation - she’s already loved by pretty much everyone. It wouldn’t be changing Elsa’s character to give her a girlfriend, and would actually make sense, given the themes of acceptance and love in the first movie."

To refer to the thought that Elsa is super popular and it would be easy for homophobes to boycott a new movie with a gay character: That's the thing. Elsa's already loved by so many people all around the world. If a new movie came out with a new gay character, it's easy for them to boycott the movie and don't let their children watch it. But how would they tell their Frozen-loving children that they're no longer be allowed to watch Frozen and be a fan of Elsa just because she loves girls? Impossible.

We won't know what Disney is going to do until 27 November 2019 but I'm really curious to see which path Elsa will take. I just keep continue crossing my fingers!

Quote of the Day: "Girls like girls like boys do, nothing new." -Hayley Kiyoko

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