Friday, 26 January 2018

Kase-san ♡

I already announced it, I've read the most adorable and cutest manga a few weeks ago and even though I just found it, it has become my favourite manga. But let's start from the beginning!

I saw this ONA a few months ago and instantly fell in love with the characters, even though the video itself is only six minutes long. From the very first moment, the art style appealed to me. I'm usually very critical when it comes to this topic. If I don't like the art style, the plot can be as good as possible, I won't like the anime or manga. Then, the ONA gave me this "Ore Monogatari!!" and "Kimi ni Todoke" vibes, which is always a good sign. And indeed, I was right. So, what is this super adorable manga about, you might ask. Here's the answer:

Yui Yamada, a timid girl who enjoys tending to her school's greenery, falls in love with the boyish and athletic Tomoka Kase. The two eventually begin dating, and the story follows the pair as they face various challenges in their relationship.

Basically, that's it. I am a hopeless romantic and THIS is exactly what my cheesy heart needed. This story is not like the usual yuri - no drama, no illogical plot twists, no typical fan service, simply love.
Yamanda is the cutest, purest bean I've ever seen and Kase is the girlfriend every girl could dream of! Seeing their love grow, supporting each other and doing couple-things together is incredibly heartwarming. They instantly stole my heart. It's been 84 years since I bought myself a manga the last time, but after having read it online, I ordered it without a second thought.

This summer, June 9, 2018 to be precisely, a OVA will be released and I can't wait to see it! I love these girls so much and hope that they'll be together forever and live happily ever after.

Quote of the Day: "Troubles of the world try to weigh me down, I blow them all away. Gentle as a breeze, sometimes I can be strong like a hurricane" -W.I.T.C.H.

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