Tuesday, 16 January 2018

I take it back (ノ*゜▽゜*)

Okay, how to start this.. Remember that one post where I ranted about Tangled: The series? Well, I take back almost everything I said. After watching the special, I was gutted. I didn't like how the characters behaved and I was afraid it might destroy Tangled for me if I continued watching.
In December, I was sick and there was a marathon on the Disney Channel. I don't remember why I decided to give it a last chance but I did and man, I regret my old blog post. I don't want to spoiler anything, so let me say it like this: The plot took a direction I wasn't expecting AT ALL and man, it's so good! I love how dark and intense everything has become. I laughed and cried several times and it seems like the episodes are even getting better as much as the series progresses.  I still don't like the special that introduced the series. I still think that the characters didn't behave like they used to. So, afterall, I can highly recommend watching the series. Sorry if I kept anyone from watching it!

Quote of the Day: "There's much more inside of you than anyone can see and now the choice is yours. Life waits beyond the doors, so step on through, the time has come and only you can set yourself free!" - Rapunzel

(I've read the CUTEST and PUREST lesbian manga on this planet and I might do a review about it, so keep looking forward to that!)

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