Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Adventure Time

I've always been into animated series, no matter if it was Spongebob Squarepants, the Weekenders or the Powerpuff Girls. Watching animes or animated series has always been my thing. However this changed as I grew older and lost interest in cartoons. I had a long pause until 2013, when my parents got Pay-TV for us. As stupid as this might sound, but Pay-TV changed my life. I started watching so many awesome television shows, including Doctor Who, Law & Order, CSI, etc., which turned my life upside down. But today, I'd like to talk about my one of my favourite cartoons: Adventure Time. 

Back in 2013, as I zapped through all of our new programs, I was surprised to find Cartoon Network. When I was little, we used to spent our holidays in Poland where my brother and me liked watching this channel. So, I decided to give it a try and Adventure Time was airing. As I saw the Land of Ooo, I knew that this show would be perfect for me. The Candy Kingdom looked as I always imagined my land of dreams, everything is cute and in pastel pink. Yes, I'm simple, I know. However I don't remember which episode it was, but I fell in love with it immediately and watched it every night. At that time, I used to go to sleep around 11 PM and Adventure Time aired at 10.30 PM so basically, the episodes were my bedtime stories. The characters of this show are all so lovely and unique in their own way. I learnt to love each of them and found my favourite in Marceline, the Vampire Queen. I have no idea why but I was always fascinated by vampires, even though I can't stand the sight of blood. Ironic, huh? Marceline is, together with the Ice King, the most profound character. The backstory they're sharing makes me tear up every single time (crybabies don't care, just saying).
I think that Adventure Time is nothing for children, to be honest. Some episodes are very creepy and the story behind everything is very complicated, even for me. For sure there are some episodes which are suitable for children as well but I think that they would not really understand it. That's my opinion, I'm not saying that anyone has to agree with me. Let's come back to the show itself. The more serious episodes are my favourites, especially "Simon and Marcy", "I remember you" and the mini-series "Stakes". The last one made me love Marceline even more than I already did. She is an incredible character and I love her singing. Olivia Olson, her voice actress, has one of the most wonderful voices in the world and when the song "Everything stays" came out, I used to listen to the 3 hours version on Youtube everyday for months. My mum and my brother also watch Adventure Time with me and just as me, they like Marceline most. I remember when they announced that they will show Stakes on Cartoon Network, I was so excited, even tough I've already seen it on the Internet. It was on Easter when they aired it and my mum and me woke up at 8 AM to watch the Marceline special. It's touching no matter how often I watch it.
Adventure Time even made me ship characters, something I never did before. Yesterday I thought about it because I though it would have been Love Live that made me a shipper but Marceline and Princess Bubblegum were the first. Well, what can I say? After the episode "What was missing?", it was obvious that Marcy and PB were dating but then Olivia approved it (and took it back - I ignore that) but however, for me it's canon. After I watched Stakes, it was even more obvious, but I don't want to spoiler anything. Bubbline for the win.~

A huge part of the show are their songs. The very talented Rebecca Sugar, former writer and storyboard artist for Adventure Time and best known for creating Steven Universe (my favourite cartoon next to Adventure Time), wrote the BEST SONGS EVER (7 out of 10 in my list) for Adventure Time. She is the most talented songwriter I know and it's no wonder that all her songs are  simply stunning. I'm sad that she left the show but we still have Steven Universe, so that's okay. If you'd like to know my favourite songs, then have a look at my top 10. I'll link them as well.

1. Everything stays (Marceline)
2. Nuts / Remember you (Marceline/Ice King)
3. Francis Forever (Marceline)
4. I'm just your problem (Marceline)
5. What am I to you? (Finn, Marceline, PB, Jake, BMO)
6. Stakes (Intro) (Marceline)
7. All gummed up inside (Finn)
8. Where everybody knows your name (Simon/Ice King)
9. Happy Ending Song (Marceline)
10. Bacon Pancakes (Jake)

Some time ago, Dr. Martens, my favourite shoe brand, had a collaboration with Adventure Time, which is one of the best thing that could have ever happened. My parents got me one pair of the Marceline ones and I couldn't be happier. Normally, it takes so much time to break Dr. Martens in, but they are just comfy.

They are so cute, aren't they? I can't wait for autumn to arrive so I can wear them again. ♥ Next time, I'll tell you more about my other favourite animated series, Steven Universe. Stay tuned!

Quote of the day: "Everything stays, right where you left it. Everything stays, but it still changes. Ever so slightly, daily and nightly, in little ways - when everything stays." -Marceline, the Vampire Queen

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