Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Magic everywhere ✨ Day 6

When I woke up this morning, I was kind of sad because I knew that that would be the last day in the parks. I was looking forward to this trip for half a year, counted all the days and suddenly, it came to an end. Time goes by so fast in Disneyland. However, there was no time to worry anymore because we wanted to enjoy our last day. The whether forecast said it wouldn't be warm today but I didn't care. I wore a dress, a little jacket and my Dr. Martens. We also took an umbrella with us for the worst case. After breakfast, we went to the shuttle and realised that the sun was burning hot on our skins. All the rain from last night dried and the sun was shining. As we arrived in the parks, we headed to the Princess Pavilion but Ariel and Snow White were inside and I already met them the days before so I decided to not go inside. My father wanted to ride a roller coaster at least once during our trip, so we went to Indiana Jones. The waiting time was only 15 minutes and my dad went inside. My mum and me waited there for him because we aren't into roller coasters.
He enjoyed the ride and we went ahead to Hakuna Matata, where Chip and Dale had their meet and greet. The line was very short and I didn't wait longer than 15 minutes, which is very short for a character meet. Chip and Dale were so funny! At first, Chip hugged me and wanted me to twirl way too long, Dale became jealous and tried to pull me away from Chip to dance with me. It was so cute! Then they slapped each other and returned back to me. They counted the pins on my lanyard and were astonished because I had ten on it. Then, Dale tried to take me away from Chip so we could have privacy. Chip was not amused and wanted to attract my attention by making heart gestures with his hands to show me that he loves me more. I was laughing so much! I told them I love them both and then we had a big group hug! I wish there was a photopass photographer because our camera isn't the best one.. Well, the memories matter! We took some photos and when I wanted to leave, they didn't want me to leave them. As I went out, they blew me air kisses. Cute, right? I wanted to meet Donald Duck and was glad that he had his own meet and greet point the whole day at Casey's Corner.
It was so hot and I forgot the sun cream in the hotel so while waiting, I got a sunburn. Great. However, meeting Donald was worth it! He welcomed me with a big hug and I asked him how he and Daisy are doing. He showed that they are fine and noticed my lanyard. What can I say? I got into trouble because I didn't have a pin of him on it. Honestly, I've seen so many Mickey and Minnie pins in the shops, but there is such a tiny selection of Donald ones. My poor favourite duck. I promised him that I'll get one soon and he was happy again. Then, I told him that he should take care of his popcorn because Chip and Dale look hungry and we all know that they will steal his popcorn if Donald doesn't keep an eye on it. Donald shook his head vigorously and showed me how exhausted he was because of them. I told him not to worry and then I told him that I always loved him more than Mickey, but he shouldn't tell him. He was so happy that he started dancing with me and even gave me kisses (with actual kiss noises)! I kissed him back and he started dancing again. He is the cutest duck on earth! We took photos and hugged each
other goodbye. Just like Chip and Dale, Donald didn't want me to leave and blew kisses as I went back. I think after the princesses, I enjoy meeting Donald the most. We're always having so much fun together! After Donald, my parents and me took some pictures in front of the castle and we went back to Frontierland to see the Frozen Sing Along. We love this show and it's really a "Frozen Summer Fun". It was the second time we saw it. After singing our hearts out, we ate some treats at the Frozen Marketplace. As always, my parents had ice cream, and I tried something I wanted to try for a long time: a chocolate cake heart on a pop stick, covered with white chocolate and coconut grater and a snowflake out of blue fondant. It was DELICIOUS and I want to make these at home some day! The price was really good and I didn't manage to eat the whole cake. Getting kinda hungry while I'm writing this.. Oh well. After Frozen Summer Fun, we walked around in Frontierland, did some shopping and went to sit down and wait for the parade. We stayed in the shade and it was nice to have a rest. The parade started at 5.30 PM. I was so happy when I saw the Rapunzel I met in the pavilion on the float! Flynn was handsome as always and even made the Smolder. My mum was wearing my dad's hat and
Baloo came to steal it from her. He tried to run away with it but decided to give it back to her. Did I mention that my mum attracts characters? In almost every parade, a character comes and interacts with her. It's so funny! Sometimes, characters also come to me during the parade. We're very lucky, I guess. When it was over, we went to Meet Mickey Mouse in Frontierland. Because the parade was still going in Main Street, the waiting time was only 30 minutes. I liked the waiting room because you can watch cartoons while you wait for your special audience. Before you get to see Mickey, a cast member makes sure that you put your prettiest smile on and when he saw my mum and me, smiling all over our faces, he complimented us and kisses our hands. Such a gentleman. Finally, it was time to meet the boss himself. I curtseyed to Mickey and he bowed. I told him that it's such a pleasure to meet him and then I asked how Minnie was. He showed me with his hands that she is fine and that he loves her more than anything else in the earth. Mickey is the perfect boyfriend! Then we talked about his new show, Mickey and the Magician. I told him that I really liked the philosophy of it: The magic lives in all of us. He showed me proudly the banners of his show in his room.
I asked him whether he and his friends still run the House of Mouse. We talked about it and made some photos. I think one can say that our last day was an iconic-Disney-characters day! After meeting Mickey, we were hungry ate at Casey's Corner.  I ordered the chicken nuggets with fries and my parents got hot dogs. It was 7 PM when we decided to do one last ride before we leave the world of magic and of course, it had to be Peter Pan's Flight. The waiting time was 50 minutes and I think that's okay for the ride. I always enjoy listening to the queue music. It's perfect for the atmosphere in Fantasyland. The waiting time passed by so quickly and with a smile and a heavy heart, we enjoyed our last flight to Neverland. The magic came to an end and as we walked down Main Street, tears were running down my cheeks. We took a last look at the castle as we left the park. It was hard. Knowing that we won't come back for a long time always makes my very sad. We went to the bus stop and drove back to the hotel where we packed our luggage before we went to sleep. The next morning, we ate breakfast, loaded the car and drove back home. All in all, it's safe to say that this trip was the best we ever had. I'm so grateful for all the memories and I can say for sure that we'll see each other again, Disneyland Paris.♥

Quote of the day: "Here is the world of imagination, hopes, and dreams. In this timeless land of enchantment, the age of chivalry, magic and make-believe are reborn - and fairy tales come true." -Walt Disney Company

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