Monday, 1 August 2016

Magic everywhere ✨ Day 5

Our fifth morning started as usual. We had breakfast, got ready and took the shuttle to the parks. It was 10 AM when we got in and headed to the Princess Pavilion. This time, Aurora was inside. It was nice because I wasn't able to meet her the day before. The line this morning was very short, we waited less than an hour. As soon as I came in, Aurora noticed my lanyard and all the princess pins. She was delighted to see herself on it. We had a great conversation! I told her that I love her dress and asked whether the fairies finally decided to leave it pink. She answered that they didn't, they just made a new one in blue and it's in her closet together with her briar rose one. I asked which one she prefers and just like me, she likes her briar rose dress most! Then I asked her how it is to live in the castle, being a princess and being married to a prince. It's still new for her and she likes to go to the forest as much as she can to play with all her animal friends, but her life in the castle is wonderful. I said that I've noticed the castle is getting a repaint. Her answer was lovely: Rapunzel is responsible for this! She works together with the painters to make the castle shine again. That's so cute, isn't it? We also talked about Prince Phillip but Aurora didn't know where he was. I should tell her, if I saw him. Then, we took some photos. She was such a darling!
After the pavilion, we wanted to go to the Studios because usually, at 1 AM some characters come out. As we went trough the Discovery Arcade, we saw Mary Poppins and the penguins meeting guests at Main Street! When we arrived, the cast member said that Mary will be back at 1 AM. I was SO happy because Mary Poppins is one of my favourite Disney characters and I would have never imagined to meet her during this trip! We were the only persons who waited for her and I was never the first 
person in a line before. Felt quite good. I was so excited to meet her and 15 minutes later, she and the penguins came out. This Mary Poppins was very authentic. She had this "practically perfect in every way" attitude. If you watched Mary Poppins, you probably know what I mean. We talked about Bert, who was sweeping the chimneys in Main Street. I asked her how Jane and Michal were and she told me that they still like to go fly a kite together. We had a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time together and it surely was a jolly holiday with Mary! I hugged her and the penguins and we said goodbye to each other. It wasn't even 1.15 PM and I've already met
two four characters (Aurora, Mary and two penguins). We went in the Studios but there weren't any characters out so we went in a shop. I got myself a pin trading book and then we returned to the Disneyland Park. It was very muggy that day and what's a better weapon against the heat than eating ice cream? Back to Fantasia Gelati! As my parents were eating their ice cream, Suzy and Perla came out! I love Cinderella and her cute mice friends, so obviously I needed a photo with them! My dad was so nice and came with me even though he hadn't finished his ice cream yet and it melted. I waited patiently until Suzy picked me out of the circle.
Many parents wanted to push their children to the front but that's normal for people without a good behavior, I guess. No matter if it's a face or fur character, I always try to speak to them. It's so much fun because there are so many possibilities to interact with them instead of only taking a picture. So when Suzy picked me, I told her that she looks beautiful in her blue dress. She was so happy and made a blushing-pose. Then I thanked her for helping Cinderella getting ready every morning, making the pink dress and always trying to cheer her up. She then showed me that they still make new dresses for her! She gave me a big hug and blew me kisses. I told her to say hello to Jaq and Gus from me and then I went over to Perla. I also told her how pretty and beautiful she looks in the pink dress. She also loved my dress and wanted me to twirl with her several times. ♥ Then she spotted the Cinderella pin on my lanyard and was very cheerful. We danced together and she gave be a big hug. Suzy and Perla are the cutest mice on earth! I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to meet them. I wanted to meet Mickey that day but there was a very long waiting time so we decided to do it tomorrow. I looked up the waiting time for the other attractions and we took a ride on the Casey Jr. Circus Train. It's always nice to see the Storybook land from above. Am I the only one who's scared of falling in the
water while going in the boats of the Storybook canal ride? I think so. Well, when we came out of the ride, we saw that Peter Pan was standing out there! I think there were about eight parents and their children who jumped the queue until the cast member intervened. That's the only thing that makes me angry at Disneyland. Why do some parents think that their kids have privileges in front of adults? Just because their kids? Wasn't it Walt Disney himself who said "You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.". So PLEASE stop thinking you or your children have any privileges. Thank you. However, back to Peter. We talked about the lost boys, about Tinkerbell who is still jealous when Wendy is around Peter and he told me how he recognises pirates: They smell/stink. It was so funny because he pointed at a girl in the line and whispered that she is one. Then he asked me to be a lost girl. I agreed and we took some photos.
With the help of faith, trust and a little bit pixie dust, which Peter sprinkled over my head, we even flew to Neverland! After our meet, we went inside Alice's Curious Labyrinth. After it, we left the Park and did some shopping in the Village. Normally, we go shopping the last day but we decided that it would be good to do it this evening. We were right, because after we finished our shopping tour and arrived back in the hotel at 9 PM, it suddenly started to rain very hard. Lucky us! We spent the evening eating some french pastries, drinking tee and watching TV. Opening the windows, feeling the fresh night wind on my skin and breathing the cool air was so refreshing and pleasant after days full of heat. I slept better than the days before.

Quote of the day:  "Think of the happiest things, it's the same as having wings!" -Peter Pan

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