Saturday, 6 August 2016

Disney x Love Live ♫ 3rd years

As some of you might know, my other addiction next to Disney is the game and anime Love Live! There are several animes that I really like but none of them will ever be as special to me as this one. Today I'd like to share with you something I've been thinking about for a few days: If the girls from Love Live were Disney princesses/heroines, who would they be? Let's start with the third years.

Nozomi Tojo

If Nozomi was a Disney princess, she would be Rapunzel from Tangled. Both had an isolated childhood and even though Nozomi wasn't locked up in a tower, she lived a lonely life. Because of her parents' work, they had to move quite often and so, little Nozomi wasn't able to socialise. Then, there is also the "parents factor". I'm sure that Nozomi's parents love her but they weren't there for her when she was a child and cared more about their careers instead of their own child. When she came home, nobody was there and that's why she had to learn everything by her own. Compared to Rapunzel, Mother Gothel didn't care about Rapunzel either and only kidnapped her because of her hair. I like to think that Gothel loved Rapunzel anyway but well, it's obvious she did not care about Rapunzel's dreams and behaved for her own benefits. However both, Rapunzel and Nozomi, had a dream and both achieved it with the help of others. Nozomi began to break out of her shell after meeting Eli and found a good friend in her. Rapunzel took the chance to see the lanterns when Flynn broke in the tower. She not only changed her own life, but also Flynn's. Same goes for Nozomi. She brought everyone in µ's together and made her wish come true.

That's why I think that Nozomi would be Rapunzel in the Disney universe. And did you know that Nozomi would love to be Rapunzel, too? In one of her side stories from the game, she said that living alone gave Rapunzel more focus and passion than anyone. It's so cute that she didn't realise she was talking about herself!

Eli Ayase

If Eli was a Disney character, she would be Queen Elsa from Frozen. Just as Elsa, Eli is very mature. There is also the physical aspect: Elsa and Eli are the most elegant characters in their franchises and they even have similarities such as their blonde hair and their image colour blue. In the first episodes of the anime, Eli seemed as cold as ice, almost insensitive. She tried everything to stop µ's without telling them any reasons and cut herself off from everyone but Nozomi. Eli's mother and grandmother were both ballet dancers. Eli wasn't as good as they were and was actually at the bottom of the list in ballet compared to the other dancers and could hardly pass the auditions.Due to her constant failures, she gave up her dream of becoming a ballet dancer and gradually tried to close her heart and distance herself from her dream to shine and dance again. Elsa always loved to play with her sister Anna before she accidental hurt her with her powers. Since that day, she tried to conceal her powers but wasn't able to control them. To protect the ones she loved, she shut everyone out without letting anyone know why. Then her parents died. Just as Eli, Elsa is too demanding to herself. She knew that she would have to become the queen of Arendelle someday and this was another factor which made her self-doubts even worse. Eli's grandmother and mother both went to Otonokizaka and that's why Eli felt in honour bound to save the school, which gave herself extra stress. Her methods to save the school didn't work and that made her angry. You can say that the Otonokizaka is Eli's Arendelle. Coming back to Elsa: on the coronation day, Elsa and Anna met after many years but just like Eli, Elsa seemed as cold as ice after Anna announced her engagement with Hans. Elsa and Eli both distanced themselves from others in the past years. For Elsa, everything changed when she learnt to control her powers with the help of love. Once Eli joined love, she made the same change. Eli summoned up courage and strength to make her dream come true. And with the help of Anna and Nozomi, Elsa and Eli can finally shine again.

Nico Yazawa

If Nico was a Disney heroine, she would be Wendy Darling from Peter Pan.
First of all, Wendy and Nico both have a passion for something. Wendy loves to tell her brothers stories about Peter Pan and his adventures. Nico is obsessed with idols and spends a lot of her free time on the Internet to learn more about them. I'm sure that if Wendy lived in Nico's generation, she would also spend her time on the Internet, being the admin of a Peter Pan fan club or forum. She would have written fanfictions and drawing fanart of her hero. Nico and Wendy both have siblings who are fascinated by their stories. Being the oldest, Wendy and Nico serve as a heavy influence on them, specifically in regards to their love of Peter Pan and idols. Nico's siblings admire her and want to do everything to support her as an idol. Wendy's brothers love to listen to her stories and even play parts of them. Furthermore both are very caring when it comes to their siblings and try everything to protect and make them happy. Even though their passions seem unconventional and childish, their mothers support and even believe in them. Both know that they can count on their families. Unfortunately, Nico and Wendy have really bad luck. Nico likes to set herself up as the number one idol of the world but always when she tries to show other people how cute and "idolish" she is, something bad happens. When Wendy went to Neverland, the place of her dreams, she was shot by the Lost Boys, almost drowned by mermaids and treated unfairly by the Indians. All in all, Nico and Wendy seem childish on the first regard but if you dig a little deeper, you see that they are just trying to give their best.

Quote of the day: "Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever." -Walt Disney

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