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Disney x Love Live ♫ 2nd years

I'm sorry for being inactive lately but I'll do my best to post more frequently in the future! But let's start with my Disney x Love Live comparison. Today, it's time for the 2nd years. I had a writer's block when it came to Kotori but I'm quite satisfied with the outcome.

Honoka Kousaka

If Honoka was a Disney character, she would be Anna from Frozen.
For me, it was obvious that Honoka would be Anna, I didn't even have to think about it. So let's get started! To support some of my arguments, I'll quote the Disney Wiki several times.
Let's start with their personalities. Anna is optimistic, energetic, awkward, and generally far from elegant. That sounds exactly like Honoka, doesn't it? Sometimes, there were flashbacks in the anime where you could see Honoka and her friends as children. Honoka was always the one who tried to convince the others to play with her and even do some crazy or better said dangerous things like climbing a brittle tree or jumping over a big puddle. So did Anna. She woke Elsa up in the middle of the night to build a snowman with her or play with Elsa's powers. Unfortunately, it didn't go well that one night when Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in the head with her magic. As Anna and Honoka became older, they kept their optimistic personalities. She is also free-spirited and garnered an extrovert mentality. When Honoka found out that Otonokizaka will close, she wanted to save her high school by becoming a school idol. When Elsa run away because she wasn't able to control her power anymore, Anna wanted to save her sister as well as Arendelle by bringing back the summer. Armed with only her fearlessness, a never-give-up attitude and her faith in others, Anna is determined to save both her kingdom and her family. Same goes for Honoka. Even though they had a long way to go, they never gave up and cared for their loved ones. She is always in a good mood and likes to look at the bright side of things. She is determined and once her mind is set on something, nothing can stop her. Anna is more daring than graceful and, at times, can act before she thinks. But she's also the most optimistic and caring person you'll ever meet. Furthermore, there's one important thing to say: Anna loves sandwiches. Honoka loves bread. No more arguments needed.
Bonus: I think that Eli's and Honoka's relationship is similar to the one Anna and Elsa have. Anna/Honoka is the one who looks up to Elsa/Eli and sometimes, Anna/Honoka don't understand why Elsa/Eli is acting in the way she does but there is always a reason for it (maybe even to protect her).

Kotori Minami

If Kotori was a Disney character, she would be Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.
Both are strongly nature-loving and have a affinity for birds. Kotori, more or less by a happy coincidence, means "bird" in English and one of her hobbies is bird watching. Aurora loves to spend time with her forest friends, including her sidekick the owl. Just like Aurora, Kotori is known to have her head in the clouds. They are both dreamers and you can say that they are just good from the start. Because Kotori and Aurora really care for their loved ones, they sometimes have hard times to express their feelings. They always take other people's feelings into consideration and don't want to hurt anyone. That's why they are neglectful of themselves. After Aurora met Prince Phillip without knowing he was a prince, she obeyed the fairies instead of doing what she really wants. Kotori was invited to study in a fashion boarding school for the rest of her high school career abroad. However she decided to stay for µ's sake. Aurora and Kotori are both very kind, pure and sometimes insecure and passive, since they normally don't decide important decisions on their own. But all in all, they just want to be happily ever after. Another point is their appearance. Their hairstyles are miracles. How do you style Kotori's bun or Aurora's bangs? I really don't know.

Umi Sonoda

If Umi was a Disney character, she would be Jasmine from Aladdin.
Umi and Jasmine are both independent, intellligent and strong young women with a strong will. They aren't afraid to speak their mind, even though people in their surroundings may don't want to hear the truth. When it comes to Umi, sometimes her honesty seem kind of harsh, especially when she tells Honoka that she'll gain weight if she doesn't stop eating bread. However she only does this because she cares for her and the other members of µ's. Jasmine is just as caring towards her kingdom. They would never hesitate to stand up for what's right in their view. That's also a reason why they have good leader qualities. Aladdin is for Jasmine just as Honoka is for Umi. Thanks to them, the two try new things they would have never though of before, for example becoming a school idol or going on a magic carpet ride. They have trust in the people they love but also have a heavy influence on them. Before Aladdin met Jasmine, he was a street rat and with the help of Jasmine, matured to a prince. Honoka was lazy, had no discipline and wasn't athletic at all, better said clumsy, but Umi helped her in many ways so she became one of the best school idols. And not to mention that she helped Honoka with her exams so she didn't fail and they were allowed to do the Love Live. Speaking about their physical strength, Jasmine and Umi are quite strong and athletic. Umi is also the physical trainer in µ's before Eli takes the role. They always think logically but sometimes, they can be fussy, opinionated and stubborn. But to be honest - we love the little flaws they have, don't we?

Quote of the day: "Slow talkers are often deep thinkers." –Eeyore

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