Friday, 29 July 2016

Magic everywhere ✨ Day 3

Our third day in the parks started at 8 AM and the first thing I had to do was clearing up a problem with my photopass+ because it didn't show me the pictures from the day before. It turned out that they had a problem with their servers slowing the ascent of the pictures on the photopass. However, the problem was resolved soon so we went to Buzz Lightyear Laster Blast. The waiting time this morning were really short, so we only had to wait five minutes. After Buzz, he headed over to the Princess Pavilion and queued for Snow White. We had a great conversation about the dwarfs and their household. She told me that she still visits them sometimes to show them how to clean their house properly. I asked her whether she still likes to eat apples despite what happened to her. She answered yes, but instead of red apples, she only trusts the green ones. Furthermore, she prefers to use them for her pies rather than eating them normally. After some talk, we took some pictures and hugged each other goodbye. I don't think there is a better way to start a perfect morning than with a princess hug. After the pavilion, we went for an ice cream to Fantasia Gelati.
I'm not really into ice cream, but they have italian twirled ice cream in vanilla/chocolate flavour which is my favourite ice cream ever! Because we wanted to watch Disney Dreams! this night, we decided to go to some shops and after that, back to the hotel to rest a little bit. I got myself a buddy I've been wanting for two years - a giant Stitch! He is so cute, fluffy and sooo big! No regrets. Back in the hotel, I took a nap and we packed my backpack with some hoodies for the night. At 3:30 PM, we went back to the park to watch the parade. Before our trip, I watched many Disneyland Paris Vlogs on Youtube so I found the perfect and not too crowded place for the parade: between the castle and the restaurant Bella Notte. It was great! Not too many people and we were protected from the sunlight.
An awesome cast member came to us and we talked a little bit. Overall, many cast members noticed my lanyard and my pins and it's obvious that I love the princesses. When the parade cast member asked me where we are from and I told him that we're from Germany, he made us laugh with the only german phrase he knew: Ich bin betrunken (I'm drunk). The day before, one cast member said to us: Ich bin eine große Kartoffel (I'm a huge potatoe). When I told the parade cast member about it, he wanted to learn that phrase too. We laughed so much and after all it's the cast members who bring the magic to our lives. I love talking to them even tough I'm very shy in the "real life". My parents noticed that Disneyland has a very positive effect on me because I'm coming out of my shell. Normally, I already have problems to ask employees in a grocery store for a thing I'm searching but in Disneyland, I talk to so many people: the cast members, the fur and face characters and sometimes even guests! It's amazing! I wish the magic would come with me everywhere I go. Enough of that, let's talk about the parade! 
I was a little bit confused because I remembered that it always started at 5 PM but this time, it started at 5:30 PM, which was fine too. As I said before, we stood between the castle and Bella Notte and I have to admit, I had the best character interaction of my life. I think the characters notice you much more because there aren't as many people as on Main Street.  I love the parade. There are so many princesses and even Mary Poppins. My favourite float is the Frozen/Tangled one. This time, something wonderful happened. As the Tangled Float came closer, I've send him a heart gesture with my hands. He saw me and REPLIED to it! Oh my, my heart melted! My Disney crush finally noticed me! The rest of the parade was as magical as usual. After it, I was very hungry and always wanted to try the restaurant Hakuna Matata. When we arrived in the restaurant, it was empty. I ordered the Hakuna fries and the chicken pieces and loved them! The fries were crispy and the chicken pieces were very soft. Gonna eat them there again!
Then I checked the waiting time for Phantom Manor, one of my favourite rides, and as it was only five minutes, we went there and rode it. The cast member inside was really good in his role. When you go into the elevator, everything is dark and there are no lights allowed. I've seen some people in the park who played PokemonGo and the cast member said that there are no pokemons inside. Everyone laughed. 

Before our trip, I looked up the story behind Phantom Manor and told it my parents. With the knowledge, I looked completely different at the ride than before and it was even more exciting. If you want to know more about it, check out the Phantom Manor story in the Disney Wiki. It was already 9 PM when we sat down on a bench to wait for Dreams. In Disneyland, the time always passes by so fast, that's unbelieveable. While we waited, Anna and Elsa had their royal welcome and we watched the Main Street lighten up. It always reminds me of Christmas, such a wonderful view.  
There weren't as many people as last year when we watched Dreams which was quite nice. So the time went by and we waited patiently for the words: "And now, Disney Dreams!". These four words always give me goose bumps. If someone asks me what the most emotional moment was, then it's definitely Dreams. This show destroys me emotionally EVERY TIME. I cried so much that someone even thought I hurted myself. I'm a huge crybaby, I know, but know what? I don't care. The beginning scene with a "second star to the right" hit me right in my heart. I sang along with all my soul and when the Tangled scene came, I was done.

I think that there is nothing more beautiful and wonderful on this whole wide world than this scene. The lanterns on the castle are so magical and Flynn and Rapunzel in the boat.. No words can describe this. And even right now while I'm writing it, tears drop down my cheeks. By the way, I know that there are some videos of Dreams on Youtube but in my view, you can't catch the feelings with a camera. You have to see it live. My parents know how Dreams make me feel and that's why we waited some minutes until I calmed down. We went back to the Disney Village parking lot and drove back to the hotel. We talked about our day and went to bed at 1 AM.

Quote of the day: "The second star to the right, shines in the night for you, to tell you that the dreams you have really can come true." -Peter Pan

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