Monday, 25 July 2016

The Disneyland Paris Tag

Bonjour les amis,

Last week, I had the most magical and happiest time of my life in Disneyland Paris. In the following days and weeks, I'll tell you more about it and show you some photos, too.
Today I'll start with something I wanted to do for a long time: The Disneyland Paris Tag! I found it on Silvia Snow's channel on Youtube and you should definetly check it out. So let's get started!

1. When was your first trip and how many times have you been?
The first time I went to Disneyland Paris was in 2010 and since then, I've been there for four times.

2. What Disney Hotels have you stayed in? One you haven't stayed in that you'd liked too?
I'm not quite sure if it counts, but I stayed in the Radisson Blu Hotel. I haven't stayed in a "real" Disney Hotel yet because we really like the Hipark Hotel near to Disneyland. My dream hotel is the Disneyland Hotel, obviously. But I'd also love to stay in the Newport Bay Club.

3. What is your favourite restaurant?
Annette's Diner! I love their food.

4. A restaurant you'd like to eat in that you haven't yet?
I'd love to eat in Inventions and L'Auberge de Cendrillon. The only problem is that I don't like the food on the menu of the Auberge.. But it's a princess dinner and I LOVE all the princesses so I have to eat there some day.

5. Your favourite quick service/fast food?
Hmm..  Probably Hakuna Matata.

6. What is your favourite shop?
That's a hard question! I love all the shops, each one is magical in it's own way. My favourites are World of Disney, La Boutique du Château, Harrington's, Emporium and Disney Fashion.

7. Your favourite season or event?
I can't decide between Christmas and Summer. Christmas is my favourite time of the year and Disney is passion, so both together are perfect, but in summer it's warm and I can wear my pretty dresses and the sky is blue which looks great on photos and you know... I really can't decide.

8. Disneyland Paris or Walt Disney Studios?
The Disneyland Park. I'm not into roller coasters so the only ride I can do at the Studios is Ratatouille.

9. Your favourite ride in each park?
Disneyland Park: Does the Princess Pavilion count as a ride..? No..? Then it's Peter Pan's Flight!

Walt Disney Studios: Ratatouille

10. Your favourite land in the Disneyland Park?

11. Your favourite character meet?
 All the Princesses.

12. Your best character meet and greet experience?
I will tell you more about it in the following posts, but the best character meet and greet experience I ever had was when my dream of meeting Rapunzel came true after so many years. I was the Best Day Ever!

13. Your happiest or best Disneyland Paris memory?
Oh my, I have so many! But as you might guess from the question before, my best Disneyland Paris memory is when I met Rapunzel. And Dreams. Dreams never fails to make me cry like a newborn.

That's it! I hoped you enjoyed reading my answers to the blog and I'd love to read some of your answers. Let the magic shine and 'til next time.

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